Anyone can Cook! Not all want to!

As for me? I LOVE TO! So I can’t wait for our wonderful garden to produce it’s beautiful veggies for some home grillin and eaten!

Lovely summer meal outside on the back porch!

Grilled eggplant smothered in fresh tomato relish, fresh green beans in balsamic vinegar dressing, chicken with pesto sauce and cucumber and tomato salad.  YUMMY!

Ready for canning

Well, some were ready for canning! The rest had to ripen inside the house, as the weather started to turn.  Northwest Weather is very unpredictable. Albeit the weathermen do try!  LOLOLOLOL is all I have to say to that!

Eggplant with fresh tomato basil sauce

Wasn’t to sure how eggplant would grow here…but it obviously did great! We ate it all late summer and thought of all kinds of ways to cook it.

Homemade gnocchi my favorite!!!

I learned how to make gnocchi when I was only 22 years old from Gramma D’Orazio
who was the sweetest little tiny Italian woman you could ever have the pleasure of knowing….and the BEST cook. She also taught me how to make my own spagetti pasta.

I suppose I have been missing normal foodies lately since I have been dieting for Kadie’s wedding…..on MAN what I would give to eat some PASTA!

So there you go! Now that I have you all salivating and wishing you were invited to my house for dinner, I leave you with this…. in the words of the great Gusteau from the movie “Ratatouille”  “ANYONE CAN COOK”.

BON APPETIT (I hope)!!!!

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