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Roasted Red Peppers EASY

These roasted red peppers are so easy you will want to thank me till the cows come home.  My friend Kellie showed me this a long time ago and I have thanked her over and over again….but her cows have … Read More

How to Make Espresso the Italian way!

Ok, so you don’t have a fancy wancy espresso maker! SO WHAT. I come from a big happy Italian family (part Italian that is) and here is how they have “always” done it. Now wasn’t THAT easy? And so delicious!

How To Prepare an Artichoke

Wreaths look nice also with artichokes on them ya know….. ehh ummm ok, back to the non content type stuff. So then after you do that you… Cut the top off so it looks like this….much less prickly! As you … Read More


OK, so if you haven’t noticed…I don’t seem to be writing much about “WREATHS”….no not much at ALL about our wreaths! Nothing about how sturdy they are made …..all handmade and with fine detail…or how great a price they are … Read More

Almond Roca the easy way

  I do  not care much for baking and such….but if the recipe is super easy and tastes FABULOUS, well…then I am willing to go to the fuss of it all.  However, this recipe is so easy that my Golden … Read More

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