Kadies Wedding part 2

So as the flowers got finished up with the help of JoDee, Lish, Gary, ( who made sandwiches and lunches for all of us as we worked, and repairing broken birdhouses from shipping damage) and my new friend Margie, we somehow got it all done in time for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  What a whirlwind! And a tiny bit stressful! My hair (which I had NO time to foo foo with looked constantly like I had stuck my finger in a light socket! REALLY! I just gave up on it.

Lots of helpers and a few onlookers!

Kadie's bqt. I really was pleased with it! YIPEE!

I really LOVE the effect of the amaranthus hanging down

Dress rehearsal. Look at that handsome couple!

How cute! I loved this shot!

This will be an awesome ceremony!

MOM! I'm bored! When are we gonna be done?

Jake (Kadie's cousin) and his wife Kara the hilarious couple!

You might remember Kara from my post about the Bachelorette party! She was the one with her dinner salad in a plastic bag after our sailing adventure! ha!

Jonathan (the best man) and Sarah (Kadies cousin and maid of honor)

I got all my emotions out on rehearsal night and cried like a baby...

That way I would not have to re-apply my make-up “after” the ceremony! You know me…always planning the next move!

Lets take a picture... or five million.....then lets go EAT!

They are like precious jewels I wear around my neck...my beautiful children.

Tomorrow will be an awesome day!

The rehearsal dinner...now that was some good grub! I'm just saying!

So in love

Me and JoDee

Wedding day prep! We only have 2 hours to get it all ready! OMG! Help me!!!

I had to build the entire cake and finish it on site! AND IT WAS MELTING IN THE HUMIDITY!

My wonderful Gary, hanging the ball jars from the arbor

It came out pretty good me thinks

I was absolutely THRILLED with how the ball jars with hangers came out

okay....were rollin now! The cake is going well....I don't want it to be crooked! Oh God please don't let it be crooked!

It was dripping like crazy though so we put the fan on it and tried to dry it out!

what a stupid looking hat! I thought it would help my electrified hair...no such luck

So far the cake is still straight!

Karl carved the birds from scratch for the cake toppers! They looked amazing!

Sometimes God does NOT answer prayers! LOL It's leaning!

Ok! It'll pass....as long as we shoot the photo's from this angle..you can't "tell" it's leaning

but not from this angle....we will direct people to NOT to look in this direction at the cake! LOLOLOL Can we do that?

NEVER MIND...the flipping cake is just plain crooked! But other than that it is the BOMB! At least Kadie thinks so!

Sarah and Kara, making the mother of the bride look this she "didn't" stick her finger in a light socket!

I walked into the bridal suite and she had her back to me....then she turned around....

......and took my breath away..


Gary and Karl walking Kadie down the aisle

They opted for a foot washing instead of the lighting of the two candles to one

It was quite touching actually

Mr & Mrs! FINALLY!


so happy


Entering the reception!

Stans speech before the first dance.

First dance

I think they like each other

Such a great picture...this barn is so awesome for photos

Jonathan and Lish (his girlfriend)

Kadie and Gary dancing

Mother and daughter

Jonathan (best man) toast to Stan made us all cry!

Sarah's toast to Kadie made "her" cry ......and us!

Sarah's toast to Kadie made "her" cry and us also!

It was a wonderful night of dancing, eating and celebration!

And now I am back at home wondering how it could possibly be over…..now what?  I’ll think of something.

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18 Responses to Kadies Wedding part 2

  1. JoDee Luna says:

    What a magical event! I’m so glad I got to see everything first hand. I will never forget this wedding.

  2. Maggie Ward says:

    It looked amazing! Congrats to all of you! xoxox

  3. Brenna Round says:

    Beautiful! Isn’t it funny how we plan, and plan, and plan for a big event, and then BOOM! it’s over! I felt the same way after my wedding and after Paul’s graduation.

  4. Ian says:

    I loved looking over your memory. My goodness…i remember your kids as titches….and now see them. Personally I was impressed with both the cake (how did it taste!) and the entire event.

  5. shelli cherry says:

    Barbie, Oh my gosh! How absolutly beautiful:) It made me cry. Everything was absoluty stunning! Kadie’s dress looks like it was made just for her. The arbor with the dresser behind it, all the flowers hanging in the ball jars! Oh my gosh I would have to say this is the most perfect wedding I have ever seen, honestly! Kadie looks so beautful just like her mommy:)

  6. Oh Barbie.. just looked!!!! AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!!!
    What a perfect and stunning wedding you have created for your sweet Kadie and Stan…. I know that feeling like, ” oh wow, now what AM I going to DO?”
    just relax and cherish the memories and know that you did an amazingly beautiful wedding for your daughter…. I am smiling ear to ear!!!

    • gerknoop says:

      Thanks Deni! I thought about you so much while putting the flowers together! I had a LOT of help…and then forgot to trim off the ends of the bqts. before the girls got them so they were really long….but OH well! I told Kadie that some girls keep them long like that! LOLOL

  7. amy says:

    very beautiful! I love the ceremony site with the dresser and
    the balls jars! thanks again for sharing your day with us at
    the blue dress barn – amy

  8. gerknoop says:

    Thank you Amy! I would recommend “The Blue Dress Barn” to ANYONE! Such an AWESOME wedding venue! Everything is there for you! I will probably be doing a blog dedicated just to the “The Blue Dress Barn” I was so amazed! The photo’s from the photographer will be stunning! B

  9. Beautiful and fun looking wedding. The pics are great. Wish them the best

  10. Winnie says:

    What a wonderland!!! What a beautiful event!!! Even though I could almost feel the humidity dripping down my back, the day was stunning. I’m speechless at how beautiful Kadie is and how much you two look alike. The men were gorgeous as well! Thank you for sharing it all… I almost cried when she turned to look at you. What a glory to see how God has worked through the years.

  11. gojulesgo says:

    Wow. This is a Pacific Northwest wedding, isn’t it? You guys over there are so cool it almost makes me mad. This might be the prettiest wedding I’ve ever seen (just don’t tell…well, anyone I know). Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog today – I’m so glad it led me here!

  12. gerknoop says:

    gojulesgo, We do “live” in the Pacific NW, but the wedding was in Michigan….. We had a blast! Thank you for the nice comment! I love your blog! Barbie

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