My Son Jonathan

My Bubba leaving us after Christmas and preparing for his trip to Asia

Today is my oldest Son Jonathan’s Birthday. I will not even get to chat with him today to wish him a happy birthday because he is currently in Asia with an organization called YWAM (youth with a mission).  It seems only yesterday I was pregnant with him and worried that I was going to lose my pregnancy. I had had many pregnancies and miscarriages between my older daughter Kadie and Jonathan, and Jonathan was my last shot (so the doctor said) we nearly lost him when I was about 2 months pregnant. However, God had other plans and Jonathan was born January 26th 1990 a gigantic  10 lb baby!  We were so happy!

....well of course he is not a newborn here...but you get the idea right? We nicknamed him "Jonafatty" and it has stuck all these years later...well that and "Bubba"

Jonathan was Stans (his sister Kadies husband) best man.

He has grown into an amazing young man who I am extremely proud of!

Even when he is a bit of a knucklehead....or candy cane pistachio face!

He is a loving brother

Today I pray that he will have an amazing day full of unexpected blessings and things that he can tell stories about when he is old! I am looking forward to hearing about all these stories (when he is still young) and when he returns.

Jonathan channeling his Lebanese roots....of which he is very proud I might add! ...That look in his eyes kinda scares me a little....

……I am both excited for him and “as a parent” practicing my trust in Gods care for him. Not easy.  They grow up so fast.

God speed son….your momma loves you!

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14 Responses to My Son Jonathan

  1. Lisa says:

    Barb, sounds like he is still as sweet as he was as a little guy! Hope his birthday is great!

  2. Maxine says:

    So well written. Sweet, sweet Jonathan! Happy Birthday!

  3. Elyafiller says:

    Hey! Isn’t that my future husband?

  4. JoDee Luna says:

    This post is precious and made me tear up. What a precious message to him.

  5. Barbie says:

    JoDee, I LOVED Elya’s comment! LOL

  6. Phyllissouthworth says:

    Barbie, he is so beautiful! I see you in his face. You are blessed to have such lovely children! I wish I could be more a part of your llife. But you are always in my heart!

  7. Lots of great pictures. Hope he had a great birthday. My mom would enjoy this post as she’s missed a lot of my birthdays as I’ve lived abroad most of the last 15 years.

    • Barbie says:

      Greatsby, I am DYING to know what you do for a living! What line of work your in that has you overseas for this many years. Just DYING to know. Tell me tell me?

  8. Barb says:

    What a lovely tribute. It makes me want to Skype my son.

  9. Mescarcega says:

    nice blog..i’m jealous you and jodee do such a fine of these days I will be able to do this and brag on my kids..:)..and your jonathan has to meet my mary..she is in YWAM NZ now.

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