October 14th

October 14th is never usually a day I love.  It denotes the middle of the month (summer truly is GONE) and I hate that. Fall is definitely here (which I really don’t hate) but it is the end of something I love so much, the warmth, sunshine and great feeling of summer.   BUT……..

Yesterday our landscaping project began!  We were excited and a little scared at first, hoping we’d made the right decisions on the layout, but as the trees we had picked out the previous day began to go into the ground in the spots specified on the plans, my heart just started to beat faster! OH WOW! We have a beautiful park like YARD!

I sat in our upstairs bedroom with the fireplace on and took the screen out of the window, put my telephoto lens in, and just hung out the window shooting photos of my transforming yard.

Trees arrive!! YIPEE!! And there is yet another load to come!!

The unloading begins

.....and more trees unloaded! WOW...that is a LOT of trees

They lay them all across the edge of the yard....even THAT looks GOOD!

Kathy (landscape designer) and Gary inspecting the trees...yes they are indeed BEAUTIMOUS!!!

First tree to go in....at first.....then it was rejected due to indecent exposure...It was completely NAKED on one side. NAKED.

Second first tree to go in....this one properly covered! Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about! Pear tree. It flowers white in the spring.

Pin Oak, my favorite tree! So ginourmous and beautiful!

Blue spruce....not the airplane

Northern? Sunset Maple??? Think I got that one wrong...we have "both" a northern and a sunset maple, but it's a maple all the same!

My Crabapple! It's lost some of its leaves for this year .....but next year it will have lots of leaves AND crabapples!

Sycamores along the driveway

.....It's beginning to look not so soccerfieldy....it is TOO a word.

All soccer tournaments are now CANCELLED! Sorry

Who's AWESOME yard/park is THAT????????They are soooooooo lucky!!!

Thank you “Land Expressions”  http://landexpressions.com/index.aspx  for making our yard gorgeous!

October 13TH WAS A HAPPY DAY!  Thank you Oct 13th for making October 14th so EASY! Today I will look out of my window and smile EVERY TIME!  October 14th is a GOOD day.  Yes it is too!

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5 Responses to October 14th

  1. Lisa Wilber says:

    Hope you have a good rake 🙂 Enjoy all the fun trees. Now you can do soccer drills dribbling through all the beautiful trees.

  2. gerknoop says:

    no need to rake….it will all be native where the trees are..out beyond where the fence will go….I will show picture of the completed project….it is FAR from done….we cut away a large portion of the front lawn. WAY to much maintenance.

  3. Maxine says:

    OMG, you weren’t kiddin’ around!!!! That’s a lot of trees and they are big and beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. JoDee Luna says:

    I love the trees and wonder, “Who lives like this?” Oh ya, my bff. You go girl or farm chick or more awesome woman than Martha 🙂

  5. Tanto Noot says:

    That was a fun one Barbie. Wow, the color and size of the trees! I love blue spruces. And yay for lessening maintainance! Trees are one of the first ammendments I want to make on any land we buy or land upon! We’ve not done a good job of planting much at all! Thank you for sharing!

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