Red Twig Dogwood Wreath

One of our most beloved wreaths here at Kate Coury’s Farmhouse and also an all time favorite from Northwest Designs (when we were slaves manufacturers for the catalog companies.

Everyone loves the Red Twig Dogwood wreath!


We have to wait until the cold snap of weather before we harvest for this wreath in order to get that wonderful red color you see in this beloved wreath.

The wonderful thing about these wreaths is that it’s most amazing harvest can come right from ones own yard as well as out in the remote woods.  We use both….it matters not where we can pull the harvest from as long as it has that lovely color we are looking for and the rich new growth that makes ours the best looking wreaths in the Northwest.

You can find these amazing wreaths here:

Also you might be interested in some of our other designs…take a look around as long as your there!

Happy shopping.


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