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My Son Jonathan

Today is my oldest Son Jonathan’s Birthday. I will not even get to chat with him today to wish him a happy birthday because he is currently in Asia with an organization called YWAM (youth with a mission).  It seems … Read More

Happy all Saints Day Ya’ll

My eight year old son LOVES Halloween, what kid doesn’t? A bag full of candy? What’s not to love?  It is just not a holiday that I have ever liked as an Adult. It’s not that I don’t totally LOVE … Read More

Bachelorette Party

So last night was my daughters Bachelorette party. YES, I was invited (can you believe they wanted ME to come too?) I told them I might be a little to wild for them, but they still wanted me there. First … Read More

Wedding here we come….just as soon as we get a few things fixed!

I am currently in Michigan with my Husband and Eight year old, getting ready for my daughters wedding on the 29th.  So far it has been a parody of “fixing” stuff. The moment we got off the plane we immediately … Read More

Today a Milestone hit me between the Eyes!

Today a Milestone hit me between the Eyes! I knew it was coming…God knows I have been talking to my daughter continually, over the past months, about her life’s decisions. We discussed in detail the things she’s having trouble with, … Read More

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