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Beets Me!

I really wanted to do a post on my beautiful beets…….. But then the next week a vole (or family of voles) ate the entire crop! They also ate all our carrots, potatoes, and garlic! Just makes me sick I … Read More

How to Plant Garlic Upside Down

It is a bit late, but not TOO late to plant my garlic again. We plant every year in the fall using the garlic bulbs from our harvest. Your supposed to plant in the fall.  Actually my uncle Jack usually … Read More

Canning Day

So today was canning day….tomato canning day.  I have to admit I really kinda hate tomato canning day….but today I tried something a little different thanks to Karen at “The Art of Doing Stuff” ( http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/how-to-press-can-tomatoes/).    She posted a while … Read More

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