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OK, so if you haven’t noticed…I don’t seem to be writing much about “WREATHS”….no not much at ALL about our wreaths! Nothing about how sturdy they are made …..all handmade and with fine detail…or how great a price they are … Read More

Packing Away Christmas For Another Year

As much as I LOVE design and decorating I really HATE the work of putting up the Christmas decor and taking it back down again in approximately a months time! It’s like MOVING for crying out loud! However I do … Read More

Make your own Christmas Tree

I LOVE those pine trees that you can find in all the upscale stores during the holidays! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I just don’t LOVE the upscale prices on them. So like everything else that I don’t want to … Read More

Wreath production begins for the Holidays

I suddenly realized this week that we have Christmas wreaths that need to ship beginning NEXT week. Some people want their Christmas wreaths “before” Thanksgiving! I don’t know why….they just DO!  So today we began working on them. I am … Read More

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