Bachelorette Party

So last night was my daughters Bachelorette party. YES, I was invited (can you believe they wanted ME to come too?) I told them I might be a little to wild for them, but they still wanted me there.

First we went out to eat  A LOT OF FOOD!  Then the big surprise was we got to go sailing….well…..sailing for about 15 minutes, then we had to turn back due to dangerous and life threatening circumstances. Here’s how it went in picures.

Boarding the boat with the greatest of anticipation!!

Awaiting the departure


I'am SUCH a LUCKY girl!

Look MOM! I'm DRIVING the boat!

Smiles all around

Feeling the westwinds blow on her face like a song!

Kara, is having a WONDERFUL time!

Mom drives the boat....not "always" metaphorically speaking as evidenced here!

uh oh! Something just doesn't look right about the way Kadie is kind of...well "hanging" off the side of the boat "ish"

.......and it's a BEAUTIFUL sunset! Isn't it?

Hey! Kadie and Kara are not smiling anymore! What's up with that? and they haven't been for a while now...

OH! NOW I GET IT! That's why you weren't smiling anymore!

....and the ever faithful cousin and sister in law "Sarah" helping with the cleanup

I know it will take away my “Mother of the Year” award but for the sake of hilarity LATER…I felt it my responsibility as the Mom to record this very important event in history….she will appreciate it LATER….like all things that parents do for their children, ya know what I mean? Besides no one else would DARE! In fact the other girls looked at me in horror as I giggled and snapped my camera! Yes, Yes, I did feel sorry for Kadie and Kara….but I knew…having been there and done that ….that as soon as their cute little piggies were on dry ground they would be FINE! No one seemed to understand this.

Kara had it all over her face, sunglasses and hair! and she laughed between each "blowing of chunks"

No really, I'm ok...thanks for asking

I just need a moment.

I have the utmost respect for Sarah now and understand FULLY why she is headed for a career in the medical field! Well....when your father is a doctor I suppose your used to messy things like this huh? She was a natural.

....or maybe a "few" moments

Hey thanks for the wonderful surprise! Peace out man!

SO happy to be on dry land!

And so as they say….a picture paints a thousand words…..this was an easy post!

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