Birds Nests on Bed Springs

I felt it appropriate for this time of year to have something kind of “spring-ish” or “Easter-like”  Its only fitting and it’s about all I have to show you at the moment, and since I really NEED to get a blog out today….I will show you the best I got for now…plus it’s really cute!

Birds Nests on Bed Coils

.....or chair coil / spring ... whatever

I used these as decor for my daughter’s wedding last July.  I really wanted to use them for the centerpieces for the tables but there were 20 something tables if I remember correctly and I simply could not find that many coils….as it turns out “coils” are kinda hard to come by.  I even had a hard time getting the instructor from our upholstery class to part with many. He did give me a few…but would not bargain with me to buy a BUNCH….. so there you have it.  Cute as a bugs ear, but hard to come by.  However, if you only want to make a couple for yourself you can probably find them at some junk yard….maybe.

Wedding decor

wedding the guest book

Yes, we sell these, but we only have a few at the moment…because as I said the coils are hard to come by in large quantity. If I end up getting a demand for them then I suppose I will have to go buy a beat up mattress somewhere and tear it apart….me no wanna do that…so if you know of anyone who has some coils they want to part with let me know ok?




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