Boxwood and Caspia Wreath

Boxwood and Caspia Wreath



Enjoy the pleasure of a simple wreath!

 Sometimes we just need something to liven up the space we’ve been looking at for the whole winter!  Not to bright, not to dull….something….

….Just right…

This is the wreath for the person who needs the subtlety of elegance.

DSC_0671.jpgA perfect array of colors pleasing to the eye. Something to go in any room with any decor.

This wreaths components are made up of preserved basil boxwood, ammobium daisy, caspia, white larkspur, and tapestry millet.


The different textures in this wreath is what makes it so appealing. Where there is normally a flat broad green leaf we have the more diverse boxwood and then the tiny flower of the caspia filler that makes a really wonderful mix of components.

Order this wreath and we will get it shipped out to you…

Lickety split.

DSC_0818.jpgSo c’mon! order up & freshen up your home! 

Happy Shopping!


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