Crazy Love

The egg my husband decorated for me last Easter

Sometimes the craziness of life and hub bub of family can seem to take away from the primary relationship you share with your man.  We have a lot of people living in our house right now….it gets chaotic and messy…I relish the alone time I get to spend when there is that rare moment that I am alone in the house. It doesn’t happen often so my husband and I reserve Tuesday nights as our date night, and we always try to think of something unique to do…after all it is really just about being together with no other interuptions….just he and I.  I really look forward to Tuesdays!

For our date last night we decided to grab some dinner at a nice restaurant then picked up some popcorn and snacks for after. We rented a movie, drove out to a remote area (it was snowing and so beautiful) then rolled out our coziest sleeping bags and our fluffiest warm blankets in the back of the Outlander and watched a great movie on the laptop….we left the motor running and the heat on so it was just perfect. It was a little like a mini camping trip with a movie thrown in.  I loved it!  No interuptions and beautiful scenery all around. We just laid back and enjoyed the show both outside and inside!

Sounds crazy huh? I can’t wait to do it again!  But I’m weird that way!


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