Easter yesterday

Easter was a beautiful but strange day for us…as it has been for the last 15 yrs or so. Our whether was beautiful so we went for a walk. We talked to our 7 yr old about the significance of the day, and played pooh sticks off the bridge that goes over the river across the street from our house.

Over the river and through the woods...la la la la la la la

"Okay Dad" I'll throw it, and then we RUN!

I can totally see how Winnie the Pooh loved this game! Can’t you?

OKAY!!! GO!! RUN!!! FAST!!

Life is so simple when your little isn’t it? I often think about how life must feel for Aden, our 7 yr old late in life child…..so loved by everyone and so happy with just about anything we do with him! He is 14 years younger than his brother and 17 younger than his sister. He has a REALLY good life!

I can see it! Can YOU see it Dad???

As we continue on our journey,  Aden decides it is a good idea to pull up a tree, so we can take it home, and plant it in our own yard! He finds this is not such an easy thing to do…..

This sucker is really IN there to stay Mom!

Getting ready to head back home, so we can go meet the family,  for a nice relaxing Easter buffet at a local restaurant!  Good thing we have not wandered to far from the homestead! Across the STREET!  Such a peaceful day! What a blessing my family is to me!

Headed home!

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