Featured Item: Lavender Bundles

I thought it would be nice to feature an item we offer once a week on my blog.  This week it will be lavender bundles. Lavender seems to be something that everyone loves and it never seems to go out of style. Unlike “coffee filter wreaths” or “yarn wreaths” or “black roses” which google seems to think is very popular….go figure! Really? are you kidding me? “yarn wreaths”?  I am totally looking that one up! Maybe I will add it to my store huh?

We start with a bulk box of lavender that we get from our local wholesale farm

Lavender has such a lovely aroma and is always fun to work with …..but to much of a good thing can be overwhelming and so often when we work with it in large productions we use face masks or everyone ends up a little sick of the overwhelming fragrance.  Once we had seven thousand pounds of loose lavender in our warehouse (imported from france) it smelled heavenly all the way out to the street…..HOWEVER we had to separate it and do the production in several different locations in order to keep it from becoming to overwhelming.

For bundles we just keep adding to the bundle until it takes a nice form

We chop the ends to make them nice and even

It gets bound with a rubber band

put a pretty bow on it

Lately we have been using jute and raffia for the finishing touch....my daughter thought the blue ribbon was outdated. We will see how it is received.

The finished product looks like this. How do you like it?

Once production is finished there is always a lot of lavender on the workbench that has shed off the stem….this is normal and we like to save it and put it into our lavender sachet.

Gathering lavender that shed from the production

We did Three hundred thousand of these little babies a few years ago for one of our catalog customers. It was awesome!

Drop this into one of your dresser drawers and let it do its magic! The lavender sachet not the lavender bundle! That would get a little messy. The bundle needs to sit on “top” of the dresser!  Happy smelling!

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