Featured Item: ROSEBUD HEART…See How We Make Them



you definately CAN make this yourself...yep...but do you wanna?


Here is the link to “buy” this beautiful “Rosebud Heart”  http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/shop/year-round-wreaths/rosebud-heart

Even though I sell these on my website it is always fun to know how to do it yourself.  It is a little time consuming but if you have the time to sit a spell then try it out.

Now, you can use any color roses you want…you can use blue roses (yuck) or black roses (yucker)…..I use pink.

you definately CAN make this yourself…yep…but do you wanna?

First we start with a backing of potpourri on a styrofoam shaped heart.


More backing

We then begin to add the rosebuds. We use something called “buton” rosebuds…No, not button…”buton” they are teeny tiny cute little buds.

Buton rosebuds

We leave gaps in  the design so we can prep them for the next step which is gluing in the celocia coxcomb.

getting prepped for the next step

gluing in celocia coxcomb

Next we put Globe Amaranth around the edges to finish off the look.

Globe Amaranth

Adding globe amaranth

Slap a ribbon on that baby and call it good! No call it great…well, you don’t have to call it anything…just enjoy.

Finished product


Watch the video (the amaturishly bad) video….(the one with the bad lighting and poor editing) video, the video thats music sounds like a porn flick! and see if you still want to make one.

I do apologize ahead of time for the “sucky quality” of the video as it was the first time I added music and edited a video …..I promise I will get better…so be patient with me ok?

OK! I KNOW that totally SUCKS! SO SHUT UP!!!!

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