Oval Bird Nest Wreath


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We originally manufactured this wreath for Williams-Sonoma through Northwest Designs when we manufactured for the catalog companies.  It sold 900 units.  We were very pleased with the results and apparently so were the 900 people who bought it! YIKES! It was our very last production for Williams-Sonoma. The wholesale part of our business was wonderful and terrible all at the same time.

Loved……the money!

Loved…..working with my employees!

Loved….creating the designs!


…..So that was the wonderful part. I even loved most of the production part.

Hated…..the high stress part!

All the glitches that happen. Ninety days on the water (storms, weather issues, factory issues) to get product from china (birds) (butterflies) (sachet bags) etc etc…dealing with demanding buyers to meet unreal price points! Then finding out all the farms you buy your dried florals from are out of the ONE thing your wreath has as its MAIN component. Then more issues!  All the issues eventually work themselves out or YOU work them out…but it is very stressful in the getting there.

High Stress…..me no likey

Pressure…….not something I thrive on.

 The wreath is made up of preserved basil boxwood that we process right here in our own warehouses. It has Santa Cruz oregano, light blue larkspur, a natural birds nest with eggs and three life-like birds nestled amongst the oval grapevine twigs.  Great for your front door, porch, or inside the home.

Here are some photos taken during its large production for Williams-Sonoma.


Employees hard at work in the warehouse.


Birds nests in production.


Time to get these babies outa here….shipping is the best part as it means we will soon have more room in the warehouse, YIPEE!


So take advantage of this great wreath now offered to the general public!

Order your Oval Bird Wreath today.


Happy Spring!

Happy Shopping!


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