Fence building 101 for seniors

Over the weekend I helped build our fence. No big deal, I’m a tool gal….always have been. It’s just that I haven’t done it so much as of late…and well…I suppose I have become a bit rusty. I got really upset when the weekend prior to this my husband asked my young and agile son-in-law to help him instead of “me”…..I was confined to the house to do the “girlie stuff”…. I don’t mind doing “girlie stuff” but when I can be “outside” on a beautiful day and doing “toolie stuff”….all the better!  So this weekend he fully expected me to help…plus my son-in-law was at work.

Well….it was raining….pouring ….the old man was snoring kind of day! HOWEVER! I rolled up my sleeves, buckled on the tool belt, grabbed the cordless drill and away we went. This is what I have to say about THAT….

It wasn’t fun.

And I will never…

get mad at hubby again for treating me like the delicate flower that I am…..

because this is EXACTLY what I mean when I use the excuse and say… “I’m sorry, I cannot do that, “I am just a delicate flower”  We worked from about 8am to 6pm drilling, sawing & walking back and forth across our soccer field lawn in the pouring rain…but we got er done! I have never been so tired except for the time I tried to help him lay our hardwood floor when we were building our house.

Hang on honey till I get er in place!

Kind of don't like to use the miter saw much anymore...Gary did most of this part

counter sinking holes... I don't mind this part.

We've got a long way to go honey!

For the last two days my wrist has been in a brace from holding the drill all day and pushing the warped boards into place with it with all my might….apparently I sprained it! WHATEVER! I guess my age is showing a bit…blah blah blah blah blah!

Yep, thats right.

The next day my son-in-law dug the holes so I could plant my shrubs…..because I am just a delicate…….

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