Getting Ready for Kadie’s Wedding

I have been getting ready for my daughter’s wedding in late July. I am having to do it long distance because she is getting married in Michigan and I am… alas in Washington state!

So far I am making the cake, doing the flowers, and did the invitations, and will do the decorations. I have made contact on all fronts from the caterer, to the DJ to the venue itself! I think we have all bases covered at this point and now it just has to all come together! We will fly out to Michigan 10 days early (my hubby and youngest son) to have time to “get ready.” I am more than a little nervous that I can really pull all of this off!!! I do have lots of help awaiting me there. I also have a husband who is amazing and helpful in a way that most women can only dream of!! LOVE that man!

I was kinda proud of these invitations and I know Kadie was thrilled!

I have set up a wholesale account at the local floral wholesale house, and bakery (here), and I have made contact with a local florist in order to use their cooler for storage. Once there all action will begin and we will see if this thing can really be pulled off.  I have done “dry runs” on EVERYTHING! I even baked a mock cake so I can make sure I really feel comfortable with using fondant! since it is the latest greatest thing in wedding cakes these days!

Cake won't look like this is just a dry run one.

I have learned how to paint Mason jars to look like the old blue ones… she wants the wedding to have a “vintage feel” to it.

Almost done!

I have even put together a mock Bridal bouquet!! Not of the same kind of flower that Kadie will be using of course!

View from the top

View standing up

I know that Kadie loves old buttons, so I made up these antique salt shakers out of wire and old buttons….I was inspired by something I saw online! I made mine a bit different.

They still need a few finishing touches.

For the centerpieces, my husband made me some birdhouses and I will use moss, flowers, birds, nests & eggs to decorate on and around them.

Unpainted, and of course not all of them!

I have even lost 10 lbs!!!!! On my way to my goal weight loss of 20 lbs!!! Everything on the checklist is well on its way.

So we are in the home stretch here, and come the end of July hopefully we shall be ready to celebrate and dance the night away with joy!

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