Hang a Forsythia Wreath on your Door for Spring

Nothing shouts happy better than the bright yellow burst of the Forsythia bush in the spring.

Resized forsythia.jpg


If you hang this wreath on your front door the spring will come sooner. I promise!

Or you will get a FULL refund.

It is made up of both natural and faux product. The twiggy branches are natural birch from right here in the Pacific Northwest and the forsythia is a manufactured product that is so lifelike that you would have to touch it to know it’s has not been harvested straight from a forsythia bush in someones yard! Although I have been tempted to do this from time to time in the middle of the night! We have lots of forsythia bushes around Spokane in the springtime and I could wander up almost any street in town and come home with a truckload of it from folks front yards. HOWEVER, I myself would be utterly PISSED if someone cut all my wondrous forsythia to the nub whilst I slept! So I simply don’t do that. Plus once the real stuff dried it would all fall apart as soon as it was touched and especially “shipped” so we use the faux stuff. That way you can bang it around year after year and it will always look fresh as springtime!

Happy shopping!


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