Happy all Saints Day Ya’ll

Arrrrgggggh 2011

My eight year old son LOVES Halloween, what kid doesn’t? A bag full of candy? What’s not to love?  It is just not a holiday that I have ever liked as an Adult. It’s not that I don’t totally LOVE the costumes and the candy and the trick or treating…..but I always felt a little guilty about the whole history of “Halloween” itself.  Strategically placed on the eve of “All Saints Day” (at least this is what I was always told)  It is so anti …..well….God. Sorry, but I really sorta hate that.  So we always try to make it more about harvest time and Fall harvest kind of stuff.  Also, when I really took the time to study ancient history “myself,”  I don’t see any reference to the fact that it was “strategically” placed the “day before” just to counter “All Saints Day” at all, but I do I see that it was many different things…good “and” bad (depending on how far you actually go back in history).  It evolved over the centuries…however it was always about community and harvest time and sharing, and yes, remembering those that had passed away years prior.  I don’t have a problem with that at all. When my oldest two children (who are now 21 and 25) were little we really took it to the extreme and they actually NEVER even trick or treated….because we always had some kind of alternative to take them to, like a big harvest party at the church, where there was plenty of candy and games and booths and fun stuff to do. They were never the wiser. Until our entire church life blew up and we no longer had a “church family”  I will never forget the first Halloween we spent “alone” I had no idea what we were going to do. My kids were all ready with costumes and anticipation and I had nowhere to take them….nowhere that I really felt comfortable that is.  Until my sweet friend Peggy invited my kids to go trick or treating with her kids…..her husband John took all four of them around their neighborhood and I felt so guilty…how completely STUPID of me! I compromised only because I was so heartbroken and desperate for camaraderie on this traditionally fun time of year….and my kids? (who had never done that before) were like “WHY HAVE WE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE MOM”?  Which made me feel like a real POOP HEAD! What was the harm in allowing my kids to go house to house and collect candy? NOTHING! nothing at all.  I learned many things those subsequent years and although I have been judged by many of my old friends as “backslidden” and “fallen away” and no longer a “believer” I must say those years made me stronger in my faith than I have ever been in my life, and a whole lot less judgmental of others….Pain has a way of humbling you.

My sweet 8-year-old had an amazing Halloween evening trick or treating with our neighbor kids and so did we.  He also had a wonderful day at school (my hubby took the day off and was able to help with the games, and party, and parade they had). It was a really fun day.

This post about Halloween comes to you a bit late…but better late than never.  I am so thankful to God….yes, God, for his amazing grace to me and my family.

I will defend you my queen! 2010

With my Mom somewhere around 3 or 4 yrs old I think.

First Halloween "Pumpkin Bug"

Happy Belated Halloween/ Harvest time/All Hallows’ Eve……. or whatever you choose to call it.  Ours was WONDERFUL!

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