How To Hang A Wreath On A Door

Many people just assume that everyone knows how to hang a wreath on their door but we have been told ….NO, this is not true, and that we should post a blog about just how to do it. So here goes.

1.  Start with a wreath.  OF course…you will need a beautiful wreath. Today I am choosing two of my favorites ” The Boxwood Caspia Wreath” and the “Oval Bird Wreath”

Oval Bird Wreath

Caspia Boxwood Wreath

2.  Figure out which door you want to hang it on.  I always hang a wreath on my front door all year-long (at our office) ( next to the front door for the house)…I simply change it out to whatever season we are in at the moment.

3. Rather than put a hole in your front door…as doors are a bit expensive to go slamming nails into, use a wreath hanger instead.

Wreath hanger

4. Place the wreath hanger over your door and center it.  One note on the hanger (this is what I do for inside the house) especially since the hanger is made out of metal and I don’t want it to scratch my doors, I buy some inexpensive felt and cut it to cover the backside of my wreath hanger so that when I hang it on the door it does not scratch the door in any way. It works great.

Use a glue stick and you are ready to go

5. I KNOW…you don’t want that big loop to take away from your beautiful wreath.

No worries ….we can hide that easily enough

Here is how to fix that….simply tuck the end of the hanger behind some of the wreath components and it is easily hidden.

Just pull the branches down a bit and tuck the end of the wreath hanger up and into the wreath itself.

6. WALAA!  your wreath is beautifully displayed on your front door and can easily be changed out as the season changes!  YIPEE!

Looks so very nice

Yes! That IS nice.

Now go invite all your friends over for a BBQ and make sure they use the “front door” to enter you house so they can all envy your beautiful wreath and compliment you on what an amazing decorator you are!  It will make you smile to yourself as you are preparing those little burger patties for the BBQ ….don’t forget to add garlic to them….garlic makes everything taste better ya know!

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