How To Make A Simple Flag Banner

Easy country flag banner

I just love the banners / flags you see all over the whole country / farmish gift industry and craft fairs I go to.  So I made my own last July in preperation for my daughters wedding.   It was really easy. So since I am into “Really EASY”  I will share.

Here is how you do it.

Buy some freezer paper and gather some of your favorite fabric scraps

Fabric needs to be at least as big as a piece of printer paper.

Iron your fabric on to the freezer paper. Note: bias tape in this will use this later

Iron on a larger piece of material to leave room for cutting to size of printer paper.

Repeat this method until you have as many flags as you think you will need. I spelled my daughters and her husbands name so it took quite a few, but you can really just do what suits your needs.  Figure out where you want to hang it and then go from there.

Once you have ironed on all the material that you want for as many flags as you want, take a piece of printer paper and use it as a guide and cut your paper and material pieces to the exact size of the printer paper.  Now you are ready to print.  Select the size of letter you want from your font size and the type of font you want of course, stick it in the printer and print it.  I only had one that kind of got stuck….but if you are really careful not to have freighed edges and load it in really carefully it will work just fine everytime.  I was rather amazed!  I sat there each time one went through clentching my teeth just waiting for it to bind all up … I said one did….but mostly it was easy peasy! Once you are done with printing simply remove the freezer paper from the back and start to cut it into shape with your pinking sheers.

Use pinking sheers and cut into a triangular shape or your desired length, or even if you want to just leave it square.

I laid mine out on the floor to get a feel for how I wanted it to look

Now using your bias tape that I mentioned earlier, sew all the flags in between the folds of the bias tape and there you have it!  Leave enough on each end for tying to something.

I likey!

And that is how I did it!  Now you try!




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