Huh? Do the flowers for your sisters wedding? Sure! Why NOT?

When my production manager of 12 years asked me a few months ago if I would do the flowers for his sisters upcoming wedding my first thought was sure…..then he told me it was in JULY! Same month as Kadie’s (my daughter) of which I am doing EVERYTHING …..and I gasped and said “OH Cuong, that’s the month Kadie is getting married, and I will be gone half the month and the other half mostly “crazy” He quickly assured me that it was not a problem because Hue’s wedding is July 1st and so it would be ok! “Bahbie, it be fine” “you can do”….is only July 1st “ “Plenty time”.

You have to understand the relationship between me and my production manager “Cuong”. I adore him. Simply put. He is like family to me, and I am pretty sure I am on the same level with him. We have been through a lot of life together. He has come in on Saturday’s (on his own time) to make the wreaths for each one of our family funerals, and he has come to my rescue in the business more times than I want to count, and in a way only someone who is deeply invested would do. Only he is not invested, other than being well paid, and an incredibly loyal human being! He is Vietnamese and comes from a large wonderful family (of which I also adore) and have employed each one of them at some point in the history of my company.

Cuong doing a wreath for my Mother in laws funeral. While his son patiently waits for him to get done.

So today I did Hue’s (pronounced Whey) flowers for her wedding. Here is how it went!

I over-ordered just a LITTLE!

There is just something about fresh flowers... don't you think?

So I started with the bridesmaids bouquets (there are 6 bridesmaids)

4 down 2 to go....

Finished product....came out pretty good if I do say so myself! ha!

Now for the Bride’s bouquet.

She choose white roses and calla lilies, mini hydrangeas and green button palms.

I did a fancy tie especially just for the brides bqt.

Pictures a bit blurry but it's the only shot I have of the finished wrap. Sorry.

It came out amazing!

I think we are ready for a wedding now!

So we stuffed the car and off they went!

Every passenger in the car was holding flowers!


The bride. What a little cutie!

Don’t know WHAT I will do with myself tomorrow!

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