I have decided I need a Larder

A larder is just a country /farm ish…type way of saying “pantry”….but pantry is just so boring and so last year!

This is Serena Thompson of “Farms Chicks” larder….and I LOVE it! I WANT it!  http://thefarmchicks.typepad.com/farmchicks/2011/11/my-kitchen-part-5-pantry-built-in.html
ahhhhhhhh! Look at all that room she has for bulk stuff! I would KILL for that!
…..and I want that “FOOD” sign that is above the larder too…..yep, life would be quite perfect then.

Yes, this is what I need to make my life perfect. If I only had a larder….then all of life would be better and more wonderful and fulfilling and complete! Plus my house would be cleaner, dog more well behaved, kids would want to keep their room clean and my husband would see me as the goddess I truly am…I’m sure of it!

Imagine all the stuff that is just sitting around in random places on makeshift shelves actually being stored in a place all it’s own ready for it’s specific purpose. I imagine opening the door to my larder and picking out one of my canned goods to ready a meal for guests….and as my guests see my amazing larder full of all my handy work and organizational skills….they will be so impressed and will like me more…..I imagine they will want to be my best friend! Yes, a larder is just what I need!  To win friends and influence people.  I will get my husband on that right away! He loves projects!

This pantry doubles as the laundry chute…..not so impressive when guests see my husbands dirty underwear that didn’t make it into the basket hanging off the side. 
This door now serves as the panty. It was originally going to be the spot for the second refrigerator, but when we put it there it looked horrible and stuck out to far, so it was adapted into another panty. It’s actually in the mud room. It will be the thing we clean out today to make more room for canned goods, but it will still fall far short of what is needed.  

Stay tuned for the post on “My New Larder”

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