It’s Not all Been Easy… But it hasn’t all Been Ugly

Always pose with your hands on your hips...makes your arms looks better. ha!


So as of today I am 18 Lbs lighter than I was 6 weeks ago. Only 2 lbs away from my goal.

How did I do it? I will give you 5 multiple-choice guesses. Whoever guesses correctly gets a free years subscription to all my opinions!


1)   I went out of the country for plastic surgery

2)   I tied myself up and never left my house for 5 weeks, only drinking water and eating a small wafer.

3)   I tied myself to the treadmill and only stopped to pee every once and a while… and drink water….then pee again. (Considered catheter)

4)   Double dosed on diet pills acquiring the nickname “Chipmunk on vitamins”!

5)   Ate six times a day, never felt hungry…exercised reasonably and hired a fitness coach. (One that is actually affordable).


If you guessed number 5… DING DING DING!!! You are the lucky winner of all my opinions!  (I think I made that to easy)

Although I did consider the first four, I decided that perhaps I should try just once to combine all three together, exercise, dieting, and the guidance of a good fitness coach!  Since I do not want to look like “Attila the Hun” for my daughters wedding photos …which will be there for all posterity…I decided to take the plunge and try harder than I ever have! Looks like I will reach my goal before her wedding.

He needs to put his hand on his hip....he would look thinner.

This image of Attila the Hun somehow looks akin to my Trainer "Marcell"


NOTHING in my closet fits me! First time that has made me smile in a very LONG time!


I bought the fat lady dress for my daughters wedding dress (mother of the bride dress) …..Yesterday I had to have it altered because it is now a couple of sizes too big. It cost me a bazillion dollars! So did the dress. It looks okay….but I still wish I’d bought the cute little black number that I could totally wear now.  However, I don’t feel so bad because my poor daughter ended up spending $1000.00 on a wedding dress and alterations only to find the one she “really” wants in a vintage store for $100 bucks! I will learn from her mistakes and will NOT look in any vintage dress shops until AFTER the wedding.


When I have reached my goal (which I have now pushed to wanting 25 lbs of lost flubber ) I will then post pictures ….but I will NOT be posting any before photo’s (as my trainer tells me I should) ….I don’t want anybody to know how much I have “photoshoped” my pictures. Since all my facebook friends think that I still have the body of my high school cheerleading days….They will now know that I am a big FAT VAIN LIAR!  I have turned from my evil ways and am doing things honest now. I have so much more time now! Photo shop takes a lot of time….






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