If all else fails….COOK

Okay, so today I was depressed and unmotivated, so after watching a few crime documentaries, I decided that this was probably “not” the best way to cheer up, so I decided to “COOK” since cooking usually makes me happy. It’s a wonder I am not 400 lbs!

I made potstickers first…(for my lunch)….

Potstickers for lunch

then began my adventure making a new recipe for stuffed cabbage. I wanted to make some without meat, like I usually make them.

First I filled a pot with water and dumped the entire cabbage in that baby to boil for a while….(this is not the way I usually do it) I wanted to try something new.  It worked GREAT BTW!

Boiled that puppy up right nice

I  chopped up some green onions, white onions and garlic, sautéed them together in olive oil and then added some cooked white rice to the mix.  I added about a cup of white wine and let it cook down,

Onions and garlic....yumm!

Just before adding the wine

I then ate a couple more of my pot stickers….LOL

Don't they look good? Want some?


I then added some boiling chicken broth. I  let it cook down each time before adding more. After I had a nice consistency I thought maybe a twist or two of fresh parmesan cheese would taste good in there.

Boiling chicken broth for rice mixture.

Adding parmesan cheese to rice mixture

I then finished up my pot stickers…sooooo goood!

Almost gone, and I'm not full yet. Imagine THAT

Finally after all was said and done I ended it with cubes of cooked butternut squash. YUMM!

Butternut squash

Ready to be stuffed into the cabbage

I had already removed the cabbage from the boiling water to let it cool.  So I began to gently separate the leaves and lay them to the side.

Rolled them like tiny burritos

I then stuffed those leaves with my rice mixture like little burritos…..We will eat them for dinner….however I am trying to think of a light sauce to top this whole thing with….maybe a light tomato gravy type thing. Stay tuned! I will post a picture of the finished product later…(when I figure out how to finish it up)

Cabbage rolls before the tomato gravy sauce topping


Here is the sauce I put on top.

careful with the cheese, it's not supposed to be a cheese sauce...just a "hint" of flavor is all you want

I made a white sauce with butter and garlic then adden chicken bouillon (from Costco), and then added a bit of fresh parmesan, and then just a touch of (don’t throw up) but….tomato soup …..just a dollop or two…..to give it some color…I had an open can lying around, and as long as I didn’t put to much in it was just right. I know, I know, I cheated using it, ….but I don’t care…it’s not like James Beard is anywhere near to beat me or anything.

Remember just a "dollop" of tomato soup or you'll muck it up!

So here is the finished product topped with more parmesan and some hand smooshed parsley flakes to give some color, (it needed some pizzazz)…

Finished product, before going into a 350 oven for one hour

How’s that for a boring day and boring post! LOLOLOL

PS: Upon tasting the cabbage rolls at dinner tonight my husband (God love him), shrugged and tipped his head to one side…..as if to say “eh it’s okay”…”but I like the meat in them better”….even though he ate THREE……and my 87yr old uncle had seconds as well, and he is about as adventurous as an egg carton…so I PERSONALLY think I did pretty good.

I LOVED THEM! Very Vegetarianlikeish

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