Kadie’s Wedding Part 1

Yesterday my thoughts were……..How is it possible that July 29th 2011 has actually past and I am now sitting on a plane enroute home back to our “normal” life in Spokane? It is now July 30th. The wedding is over, everything has been tidied up and packed away, caterers, photographers, and DJ’s have been paid, and I am wondering what I will do with my life now? Hmmmmm….that is definitely going to take me a few minutes to figure out!

It was all very relaxing and fun preparing for this wedding, and upon arrival in Michigan on July 20th we hit the ground running.

All my children at the same time.....Heaven

Enjoying each others company

Taking a few minutes (but only a few) to enjoy the beautiful river that was a part of the property where we were staying.

Me: "Gary, can we move here"? Gary: "No Barbie, we already have a beautiful place to live"

......Me: "But this is REALLY beautiful"....Gary "That is what you say about every beautiful place we go"

Me: "okay, lets just buy a summer place here" Gary: "we better get back to work"

.......so we went back to the house and started on the cake.

One layer down....two to go for the crumb coat.

Then come Tuesday, the bacheloretter Party which you “heard” about http://barbieknoop.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/bachelorette-party/

Tuesday the madness began, starting with the bachelorette party.


First we had our meeting with the wedding venue “Blue dress Barn”

Entrance to the "Blue Dress Barn" where we will have the reception

then Wednesday Pick up my BFF at the airport 2.5 hrs each way…so that took most of that day.

JoDee, who held my head together so it wouldn't blow up from all the stress at the end!

Then Thurs. it all began! Here is how it went.

Picking up the flowers to start putting together the bqt's and other stuff

God Bless "Bloomies" flower shop in St. Joe for allowing us to use their cooler.

making Kadie's bqt.

The flowers were so beautiful.

Wow! these roses make "my" job so easy!

Kadie watching the process and giving directives on her bqt. as she says "I'm really good at this mom" LOL

almost done

wire mesh teacups with roses will go on the end chairs with the rose balls.

Rose Balls

Taking the finished product back to the florist's cooler. That's "Lish", my sons girlfriend who literally helped with EVERYTHING from beginning to end! I LOVE her!

Next up, dress rehearsal and dinner…..next post…..stay tuned….to much for one post folks.

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