Laughter makes me feel so GOOD!

I had my best friend of 37 years out to see me last week. It was fun beyond belief!

JoDee, Aden and me

We went to Greenbluff (a community of apple orchards that have cute little country stores and “pick em yourself” apple orchards and fruits and veggies of all kinds).

Cute little store and apple orchard.

pretend picking cherries!

I don't think she's dressed for picking!

Pie cherries

We floated the Little Spokane River, which is across from my house. We drove up the road with our tubes and “put in” upriver, so that we could float directly to our house and get out! It took about 3 hrs or so. We meandered, and floated lazily along, and chatted uninterrupted, and without our electronic devices, or even a camera to distract us! We marveled at how nice that actually was ….as both of us do so love our laptops, and cameras, and Photoshop! Ha ha!

37 years of friendship!

Wait! NO this way! No! this way! ha ha ha ha ha!!

The end of the river float

The beginning of the river float

As soon as we got home we went into my warehouse/workshop to create some wreaths for JoDee’s home.  We drifted between my office, and the design room, as we gave each other lessons.  Jodee teaching me about Photoshop, and all the amazing things CS5 can do!  Me teaching her Quick Books, and  the little tricks to easy wreath design.  We were so in our element that we skipped dinner all together….until my husband suggested we eat.

To see even more pictures check out JoDee’s creativity blog

Showing JoDee how to make a "machine clamped" wreath

This is how it starts

The next and last “full” day of JoDee’s visit we took the walk that I normally take when we do our “phone walk” together (JoDee and I call each other when we have some time for a walk) and we chat via cell phones while we both walk….her in California, me here in Washington. Mine is a 4 mile loop that I do through the wooded area that I live in.  We both took our cameras, telling JoDee she would not want to miss the photo’s she would get! I used my telephoto lens, and JoDee used her regular lens, and that way we had the best of both worlds…..we took many excursions on our walk, and what normally is a 1 hour walk took us 3 hours…..Of BLISS of course.  When we got home we exchanged photo cards, and loaded each others photos, including our own, on to our laptops.  Then more time in the warehouse playing with Photoshop, and wreath making!

We didn't get far before she started shooting!

The road by our house that we walked

Getting some great shots!

Friday came and it was time for JoDee to leave and go back to California.  I have been going through withdrawals ever since!

Laughter is so good for the soul and we did a LOT of it while she was here….so my soul should be in some pretty good shape…and I’m hanging on to that!

Being goofy! Our favorite thing to do!

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