Lavender at the Farmhouse


Our Lavender wreath is quite possibly the most popular wreath we sell…alongside the “Birch Wreath”.  There is just something about a Lavender wreath that say’s  …

“ahhhhhhh….calm, tranquil, lovely”.

Lavenderwreath copy.jpg

It’s not trendy….it’s popularity remains as high as it was 10 and 20 years ago. Perhaps it has something to do with the amazing color or the soothing fragrance.

It’s a timeless kind of thing.

Lavender is loved in any form. Whether it be in the form of a bundle, bouquet, or or a tiny little fragrant sachet bag that you hide away in your lingerie drawer or display somewhere in your house.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg.jpg2




PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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Almost any wreath we design that has lavender added to it is an instant success.



However the Most popular of all is the plain lavender wreath.


It lasts year after year.  The fragrance “will” fade somewhat over time, but…

the beauty will not!

Of course if you take it on and off the wall and throw it around the room, or in and out of a bag, of course it will look like crap after a while…so don’t be a ding dong and do that ok?!  If you need to store it, find a box that is a little bigger than the wreath itself and gently set it inside and close the top with some packaging tape. Keep the box level and store on a shelf somewhere that it will not be moved around by someone that has NO IDEA  there is a fragile wreath in it!!! The box can NOT be stored on its side. If stored on its side then more than likely the next time you pull it out of the box it will be quite lopsided. I know you don’t want that…..

maybe you do….

So if you like asymmetrical things then go ahead by all means store it on it’s side.

For shipping purposes we use twist ties to attach it to the inside of the box on two sides and also often put a cone in the middle to avoid allowing the flaps of the box to hit the wreath itself. Works great. So if you order from us no worries you can simply “reuse” this same box with the twist ties when you store it.  So go ahead…

Indulge yourself…..

In some early…springy, summery, lovely, relaxing, fragrant…..



I’m dreaming of summer!




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