Making the Perfect Christmas Bow

Everyone loves a great bow! I know I do!  Costco has a GREAT assortment of affordable ribbon on the spool. I believe it is about 50yds for around 7 or 8 dollars (don’t quote me on that price), but it is a GREAT buy considering you may want to wrap a LOT of presents or decorate your entire Christmas tree or wreath with these bows.  I usually buy one or two spools of my favorite and use it for all my packages. It makes your package look so yummy and luxurious.   If you think about it it’s probably just as economical as buying a big ol bag of bows pre made and a whole lot more attractive.  Here is how to make the perfect Christmas bow.

OK, did anyone notice that I totally screwed up and didn’t put the last loop on the other side to make 8 loops! ha ha ha ha!  OH WELL! Just pretend that I did! Ok? OK!

Now go buy yourself some pretty ribbon and get to making some beautiful bows and be a big fat show off!

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