My Dad

My Dad

I met him when I was 28 years old.  The best thing that EVER happened to me.

I was adopted when I was 6 wks old.  I never knew my biological Mother or Father, but always wondered about them, longed to know something about them, even if it meant just to see a photo of what they looked like.  I got my wish when I was 28, the day I picked up the phone and dialed the phone number I had been holding on to for 3 months! I had gotten it in a clandestine kind of way.  Three months before I had met my “birth Mother” for the first time and she had given me enough information about his name and where he was from, and family members names that it made it pretty easy actually…..well that is if you have partial secret detective skills coursing through your veins! (Pretty sure I should have been a P.I.) I will save the details of that whole story for another date.

The phone call went something like this…Me: Hello? Is this R—– C—-? Him: Speaking! Me: Well……ummmmmm……ahhhhhhh…..well… name is Barbie Knoop, and my “birth mothers” name was C—– W—, I have recently met her and she says my “birth fathers” name was R—– C—-…… Him: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! Me: Oh Okay, well here is how I found you….(and so I go into my clandestine story of P.I. work) (of which he cannot deny because his own brother was the one to give me the phone number! Lol)… all defense his brother did NOT know it was his brothers long lost daughter calling to find her long lost father! I told his brother that my fathers dying wish was to be reunited with his old war buddie before he dies! I had NO IDEA if my Father was even ever IN a war!!! I was going out on a limb!!! His brother CAVED (apparently my father had fought in the Korean war!!) and gave me all information including his phone number AND address!!!  My Dads  brother had been a P.I. at one point!!! Go figure!!

Me: (pleadingly)  I am so sorry I lied to your brother, but I was afraid I would lose my chance to know who you are……if indeed it “is” you….(leaving him an out)…..I don’t want to cause any trouble….I just want to know what you look like….I have always just wanted to know what you look like.

At that moment he immediately softened and everything came pouring forth. I learned about how he met my mother, what happened and all the circumstances surrounding the situation at the time.  It was quite incredible! I learned how much we had in common and how very strong ones DNA really is!

When we met for the first time it was amazing! I looked just like him!!

First time we met 1987

Moreover, I had so many of his characteristics that it was just crazy! We even walked and jestured the same! Both VERY opinionated! When I met his family it was love at first sight! We hit it off wonderfully! We have been a close knit group for the last 25 yrs now! They are my family. I have a new Mom, (his wife, whom I love dearly) two sisters and a brother (who has now past on)

First time meeting my sisters and Mickey Mom (which is what we call her now)

Wonderful Grandfather and Grandma! (Mickey Mom!)

My Dad and Auntie Candy with Kadie about 1989?

Typical Grandfather!!

When my son was born making him a Grandfather twice! 1990

What would I ever do without them now?

Not only did he walk me down the aisle but he officiated as blessed am I?

I have this amazingly close knit family of sisters brother in laws nieces and nephews and Mom and Dad and we have been like a family since 1987

The whole family went to Disneyland together in summer 2010

What more could a person ask for than this? Happy Fathers Day Dad! I am so glad I have your DNA!!!

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