My P90X Workout

Okay. So, I have been doing the P90X program for 7weeks now.

I took my before picture on day one and was supposed to take another to show progress at week 5. Instead, I waited until week 7 to take another one. This happened today… not good. It wasn’t pretty. No… not at all.

So I am depressed….I have worked out 6 days a week for 7 weeks now, I have sweated like a pig, (and I am told pigs don’t sweat), and I can see very little change in my body. I’m not asking for much, just a bit off my waistline, ya know?

Notice the bead of sweat dripping off my nose?

Somewhere I heard that on day 45 something magical happens.  I don’t believe it, but still I hope……and wait……and keep exercising ……..until day 45 when I will wake up and magically look like the girl that does the workout with Tony Horton in the DVD. I just KNOW it’s going to happen.

This is what I "should" be looking like by now.

I am wondering if by day 90 (which BTW is the end of the entire workout and when you ARE suppose to look like the girl working out with Tony in the DVD) if I indeed WILL.

After P90X I will not only "look" like this, but will be able to balance margaritas on my muscles....but NOT drink them.

If not, I am going to make a Utube video of myself doing my own workout and sell it online. It will cost a little less than Tony’s, and it will promise you all the same stuff as Tony’s does.

Only I will advertise small segments of the workouts themselves…all with me sitting in my kitchen EATING whatever I want! I will be Photoshopped, of course, so that I “look” like the girl working out in Tony’s DVD’s—all toned and skinny with muscles toned and fabulous.

I will tell everyone (as I sip my cappuccino latte Frappuccino dunking my biscotti in it), that I did it using the BarbieXEatYourFaceOff daily routine.” It only takes 60 minutes 3 times a day.






Margarita's and chips, with lots of avocado's, really works best with the BarbieXEatyourFaceOff workout! And you can really drink the margarita's.


When I become rich from all the sales from my very successful “Workout / Eat Up” DVD’s, I will donate all the funds to my best friend JoDee’s literacy program.  There ya have it. We take credit cards.

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