OK! So no one stopped MEEEEEE!

After one of my recent posts “Somone Stop me PLEASE” I am pretty sure my hubby thought I was finally done with all of my daughters wedding preparations….but as he drove up to our warehouse and saw me at it again the very next day he hung his head and laughed, and my reaction was this…NO ONE STOPPED ME!

as I said to my husband......but look how cute they look! We HAVE to have something for the end chairs!!!

I am doing what they call “Kissing Rosebud Balls” and I will hang each one from every other chair on the end of the ceremony isle.

"The Cheshire Cat"

I will do wire mesh “teacups” for in between those isles……with one fresh rose in each. Then hang them all  from a long ribbon…..you’ll see, it will look GOOD! Turst me!

I had lots of these roses left over from an old production.

It’s pretty easy,  a little labor intensive, but MUCH less so than the actual production my company pulled off a few years back…we did them just like this only using something called “Buton Rosebuds” the emphasis on BUDS (a much smaller bud than the larger ones you see in the above photo) …..they took forever, and we did 950 of them.  So these were a walk in the park.

Dip your rose into the glue pot at the stem...

Press it firmly into your styrofoam ball. Continue all the way around the ball...


As long as I stay busy and connected with the outside world and work, I figure it is going to be ok! ha ha ha ha ha!

See? Laptop at my fingertips, phone within reach, and earpiece ready to go! ....OH and celery stix at hand for safe n easy munching!!

So basically, I got SIX count em…..SIX! large packages off in UPS last week….GOAL!  Now can I relax??? Well…..maybe after just one or two more ideas and maybe ONE more package! Im on a roll here I think.

I AM an expert packer!

Package #2....#3 was not done yet at the time of this photo....but there really WAS a #3.....REALLY


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