Packing Away Christmas For Another Year

As much as I LOVE design and decorating I really HATE the work of putting up the Christmas decor and taking it back down again in approximately a months time! It’s like MOVING for crying out loud! However I do love the end result. I have a big house which requires a lot of decorations. Each year I seem to add to the collection though and it just keeps getting bigger and more work to put up and take down.

Part of this years decor in the great room... sans the dog.

Fancy Cardinal tree in great room

Family Christmas tree in foyer

I have always had a system to my Christmas storage bins that has helped, and I had to update it last year again because we lived in a different house the last time I updated them.  So last year I updated it all to each container only holding what is needed for each room or for which tree (we do two trees) (the family tree and the fancy tree). Then I took pictures of everything all decorated (I have a terrible memory) and if I allow myself to simply do the same thing a couple of years in a row it makes for less work, and no one really notices but me that it is exactly the same as the previous year. I do throw a few new things in there though! Ha! Can’t help myself.

Each tub has a list and a duplicate one for my kitchen drawer where I can quick reference which container I want ahead of time, instead of going into the basement and finding it first. It's cold down there!

When I unpacked this year it was so much easier! I simply only had the storage container for each room I wanted to decorate brought up from the basement…..well….actually I’m lying….I had my son-in-law bring them all up at once because I only had “strong arms help” for a specific amount of time, since the containers are to heavy for me to carry by myself.  BUT!  my original plan was to do it the other way….it was such a good plan too. So to compromise I had each container put in its perspective room and it went so much easier and was without all the mess scattered about until I was done. It takes me days to decorate (I kinda hate that part) Haven’t figured out how to shorten that bit up yet.

I am actually ahead of the game this year! However, I got about 90% done and there it all sits, waiting to be carried to its yearly storage area. It’s been there a week now! I did it all last week, because I didn’t want to do it on the “precious” weekend….but we were so busy on the “precious” weekend that it never got down to the basement. Oh WELL it looks lovely all sitting in my foyer, and I’m sure whoever comes up from the basement or through our front door doesn’t mind bumping into it each time. I am positively sure of it!

And the re-pack begins. This is only a "few" of what is sitting there at the moment blocking my foyer!

I had to update a few of the lists because I inherited a bunch of new stuff this year.

Stacking up the containers as they are filled and ready to go back to the basement....which they have NOT yet. My daughter decided she will NEVER do this kind of BIG decorating EVER after watching me! That kinda made me sad.....or at the very least like I didn't pass on the Christmas torch to her! Why wouldn't she want to pack like she's moving and unmoving once a year????

I may just try to drag them down the stairs myself….even though my back begs me not to…..I need my foyer back! I need Christmas gone and spring to appear!

Naked tree….looks so …..well….naked…and sad….goodbye Christmas tree for another year.

Spring here we come! YEAH! BABY! BRING ON THE SPRING!!!!





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