PEAS so much work for such small payoff

PEAS so much work for such small payoff

"pea pickin" Saturday!

Every year we grow peas in our garden. Yes they are delish! HOWEVER….they are just so much WORK!  First ya gotta pick those suckers….then ya gotta shuck em…(do you call it shuck)? Peel? Open? Whatever! And that just takes FOREVER!  Then my uncle Jack (who lives with us) decides that no one is taking the time to pick the peas, and somehow he believes there is an expiration date on them, and so if no one is going to pick them he should just go ahead and yank em out!  Every year I tell him “NO Jack”….”we will pick them…and they will continue to produce as well….please don’t tear out the peas”. One year he didn’t ask…he just went ahead and yanked! Yet every year I say “please, lets not plant peas! I hate the work of them” “and they make Jack wanna yank” “so wasteful” ….but every year peas are planted…this year it’s the kind that you can eat pod and all…so I picked all those suckers today…to make Jack happy, and to keep his hoe outa the pea patch! He kept yelling from the other side of the fence…”get outa the garden Barbie” I don’t know why he was doing that, but he must have thought I was working to hard. Probably because (like I always tell my family when I don’t want to work to hard)”I can’t do that”  “I am just a delicate flower”.


You see peas aren’t like other veggies in our garden…such as green beans…that grow every two minutes….(they are also a lot of work too) but not so much as peas…and I have LOTS of recipes that I can put them into.

Green beans

Or lettuce….so easy lettuce…just bend down and pluck it out at dinnertime and badda boom….salad!

Lettuce patch

Or say corn! Wow now that is an easy one! Just pull that puppy off the stock come late August and you are ready for corn fest! Or corn FEAST whichever!


Same goes for peppers….all pretty just lookin up at ya….like they are saying …”if you’ll just wait a few more days I will get even bigger and darker and yummier…and if you wait even longer I may even turn RED for you”! Ahhh peppers. (Side note) you need to say this in a really high-pitched vegetably sounding voice.


NO I say NO to planting peas next year!

As my husband and I cleaned up the kitchen tonight he goes “what are we going to do with all these peas you picked” (there were two big buckets full) I said “we are going to EAT them”….he goes “we have to peel them first”  I go “NO we are eating them in the shells” he goes…”I know, we will give them to my sister…she LOVES PEAS!!! So Rhonda gets the whole two rows of peas that we plant in our GIGANTIC garden every year! Happy Birthday Rhonda! ….and it really is her birthday today!

We had green beans for dinner tonight!

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