Random Friday

I have decided that today will be “Random Friday” because we live in a crazy household where we laugh a LOT.  Here are some random shots of our life here at the farmhouse and other various places.  Hope you enjoy.

What is wrong with this picture? Hmmmmmmmmmm

My eight year old is often in a hurry getting ready for school and this is what happened one day….it’s a good thing I caught him before he went to school! He truly did NOT realize he had them on backwards!

Cliffords favorite place to sleep when he was a puppy.

Aden would have slept “with” him there if we would have let him.

I don’t know who’s cuter
Hey, I’m kinda hungry will you share your food?
Well…..ok, but be discreet, I have a reputation to uphold here.
Hey! ya gotta scram, someone’s coming…
Kadie sometimes takes a shortcut to the downstairs by using the laundry shute.

We have a large house so I kind of get it.

Kadie is a bit of a monster until she has that first cup a joe…

She HATES her new haircut…..

After that she can be quite delightful!

I LOVE her new haircut.

Stan modeling the way “Urban Outfitters” do….so he says… 

Here is one more! I think he has a real future as a model with this company! HA!

Stan says they always look like they are getting ready to throw up, or are really unhappy, or a bit pissed off.

I have to agree.

We sometimes have toe contests….who can spread em the farthest…. 

 I ALWAYS win!

River feet….in the summer time

Since we live across the street from the river…we love to float it in the summertime or go canoeing.

It’s not like I am ever bored around here as some people suggested when I posted this piece of my artwork on Facebook, I just can’t sometimes help myself.

I have characters for all our veggies from the garden….well almost all.

This little face cries out to me "KISS ME KISS ME" and I DO DO DO! I love this little farmer!

Standing next to the new boat that I don’t own!

One can dream can’t they?

This is the dishwasher detergent you should use if you don’t want your glasses to look like you washed them in used dog bath water. (Since we have no phosphates anymore)….cuss word, cuss word

Sorry the picture is so blurry.

My feelings exactly

So that’s it for “Random Friday”…..a bit simple I know.

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