She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

FINALLY! We knew it was coming…..and it finally did! The first snow of 2012.  It really dumped on us too!  So Gary had to get out Lil Red last night and put her to work plowing the driveways so we can get in and out in the morning when we need to.

Gary with about 15 layers of clothes hubby who never smiles for the camera!

Was I happy about this snowfall? NO! Was I quite happy about no snow so far this year? YES! Did I care that the snowboarders and skiers were bummed about no snow? NO! Does that mean that true Northwest blood does not run through my veins? YES probably.

Do yer stuff Lil Red

I nearly got run over during this shot when he swung the tractor around....

I am a native Southern Californian….ask me if I miss my native roots? YES! Ask me if I miss the beach? YES! This time of year I am usually dreaming about the warm sand and sunshine. I am originally from the Mojave desert…and lately I have even kinda sorta been missing that too! I have never considered the Joshua tree a thing of beauty….but lately….I’ve been thinking maybe they do have a beauty all their own. My friend JoDee would tell me that it’s my “At Home Feeling” “whether it’s good or bad one has a tendency to miss the familiar, the things from our childhood”.  HOWEVER…as the record scratches across the vinyl top….I don’t think my sweet Farmhouse would look as good in the deserts of Lancaster.  Also, once spring and summer hit here in the Northwest…I will be singing a completely different song altogether….I will be LOVING my garden and my flowers all blooming lushly and vibrantly….I will love the river across the street and canoeing in it….I will love that we are so close to so many lakes and recreational places. I will love my porches…..yes…I will LOVE my porches and their porch swings.

aaahhhhh! Yes, that's what I'm talkin about.

So that was last night…..I intended to finish this post last night before dinner, but I have a family, and lots of people living in my house which means that the unexpected happens continually and then it’s time for bed…and that is exactly what happened. So this morning we get up as normal and get the little farmer (our 8 yr. old) ready for school as usual …..We live in a school district that NEVER gives snow days….NEVER. In fact my hubby never got a “snow day” in all the days he was in school from K through 12th! NOT ONE! …..and guess what? We got all ready for school today, stood at the window waiting for the bus as we always do all bundled up in snow boots, snow pants, snow jacket, gloves and hat…and we waited and waited and waited, until I finally thought “I wonder if school was delayed” (notice my first thought was NOT “canceled”?) ha! because I know better!  So I got on my computer and sure enough…there it was ….

 Schools are CLOSED today, Friday, January 20, 2012. Due to large snow accumulation.

Well hoydee hoydee hoy! Whadaya know! I will get absolutely NOTHING done today! I will have an 8 yr old under my feet all day! JOY!   Okay so now it is time to re-adjust my todays expectations and make this fun!  Stay tuned…



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