Someone stop me PLEASE!!!

I have worked all day long on more of Kadie’s (daughter) wedding stuff. I have been frantically trying to get it all done, so that I can get it all shipped and have it waiting there for me in Michigan once I arrive.  HOWEVER……I seem to keep adding things and adding things and adding things…..I just keep getting these great ideas!!! If I would just stay off of my computer for one night I would stop getting “inspired” and probably be able to get done!!! Problem is, I get so excited when I see some really cool “something” and I think, “Oh heck, I can so do that” ……..then I do it…..and it puts me back another day!  Here are my latest projects that have kept me from letting Armando, (My UPS driver) take that dang “almost packed” box, or I should say boxes!!!

I made this banner today! It was a bit harder than I thought but came out pretty good I think

Thanks to the internet I found a way to actually use my ink jet printer to print on fabric TOTALLY COOL! I can’t wait to try some other stuff using this method.

What a mess I made today!

The entire laundry / sewing room was a MESS! Along with the rest of the house lately

.....but a lovely mess

Then I decided to make the ring bearer pillow… wasn’t as easy as I was thinking either…..but I did get it done and I do like it!

That little thread hanging off the left side (your left) is driving me CRAZY!

I made it out of a faux vintage table cloth material that I was saving to make my own laundry room curtains…..but I needed it for this project and so I sacrificed it for the cause!

I finished up the birdhouses, nests with eggs and curly willow bottles….

All the birdhouses are different

another one

Then I went to “Farm Chicks” a fews weeks ago and got inspired again!  This is what happened because of it!!!

I so wish I would have had enough "springs" to make these the centerpieces instead of the birdhouses but....waddaya gonna do?

Now all I have to do is one more thing, and then I think we are ready to ship those packages! I’m so worried I will forget something!

Here is the “One more thing” I want to do……this is only an “inspiration” picture that I saw online last night…but I am SO doing this! I want to hang these from the arbour that they get married under…..I plan on hanging them all at different lengths and decorated just like this. Gary will make the wire hangers for me and we will ship them.  We already know how to paint the jars blue! Earlier post….lol

I am hoping I can find the hanging pink amaranths in Michigan! Isn't it cool? LOVE THIS whole look!

I got the idea from “The”  such an inspirational site.

Maybe I can rest now?  Probably not! I will just get inspired again tomorrow I’m SURE!  Se la vie!

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