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Boxwood and Caspia Wreath

Boxwood and Caspia Wreath ORDER HERE http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/boxwood-caspia-wreath Enjoy the pleasure of a simple wreath!  Sometimes we just need something to liven up the space we’ve been looking at for the whole winter!  Not to bright, not to dull….something…. ….Just right… … Read More

Red Twig Dogwood Wreath

One of our most beloved wreaths here at Kate Coury’s Farmhouse and also an all time favorite from Northwest Designs (when we were slaves manufacturers for the catalog companies. Everyone loves the Red Twig Dogwood wreath! We have to wait until the cold snap of weather … Read More

White Pumpkins are all the Rage

That’s right, they are. Because I said so….but mostly because they are on the front of a whole bunch o magazines this fall. I couldn’t help but notice how super cool they looked! Why hadn’t I ever noticed this before? … Read More

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