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Almond Roca the easy way

  I do  not care much for baking and such….but if the recipe is super easy and tastes FABULOUS, well…then I am willing to go to the fuss of it all.  However, this recipe is so easy that my Golden … Read More

Make your own Christmas Tree

I LOVE those pine trees that you can find in all the upscale stores during the holidays! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I just don’t LOVE the upscale prices on them. So like everything else that I don’t want to … Read More

How to Plant Garlic Upside Down

It is a bit late, but not TOO late to plant my garlic again. We plant every year in the fall using the garlic bulbs from our harvest. Your supposed to plant in the fall.  Actually my uncle Jack usually … Read More

Fence building 101 for seniors

Over the weekend I helped build our fence. No big deal, I’m a tool gal….always have been. It’s just that I haven’t done it so much as of late…and well…I suppose I have become a bit rusty. I got really … Read More

White Pumpkins are all the Rage

That’s right, they are. Because I said so….but mostly because they are on the front of a whole bunch o magazines this fall. I couldn’t help but notice how super cool they looked! Why hadn’t I ever noticed this before? … Read More

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