The Most Beautiful Christmas Wreath Year after Year!

This is the “Old World Christmas Wreath”.

It is my personal favorite! That says a LOT when you are the designer and manufacturer of  thousands of wreaths over the past 15 years.

I think I love this one because it is so natural looking and yet it is still totally faux! You would never know unless you walked right up to it and touched it. It looks that real.

It looks fabulous on the front door, but my favorite place to hang this wreath would be over the mantle of your fireplace or even just inside your front door.

I like to use the “fresh wreaths” for outdoors at this time of year because they keep so well out in the cold air.  If you hang a fresh wreath inside your home where you keep it warm and comfortable your fresh wreath will die in just a few days.  If you hang it outside it will last until March or longer if you live in the colder climates.  Not California, Arizona, or Florida mind you!

HOWEVER, the “Old World Christmas Wreath”  will not only keep looking fresh the entire season, but when the season is all over you will simply put it in a box and store it for next Christmas season.  I always look forward to pulling this wreath back out of the box every year to hang on my fireplace!

So let’s think this out now. Buy a fresh wreath and hang it inside your home to die in a few days or make the investment and buy “this” natural looking faux one and use it year after year! You do the math!

If you are thinking “But I want that fresh pine smell in my house”….don’t be stupid, buy a flipping candle, or go out in the woods and cut some fresh pine boughs and arrange them on your table, and Waa La pine sent! For a LOT less money! Then go buy a fresh wreath from our fresh wreath selection but  don’t be a ding-dong… hang it OUTSIDE.  We do offer some really pretty ones!

Go take a look!




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