Today a Milestone hit me between the Eyes!

Today a Milestone hit me between the Eyes!

I knew it was coming…God knows I have been talking to my daughter continually, over the past months, about her life’s decisions. We discussed in detail the things she’s having trouble with, and trying to decide upon, especially if they are biggies! So why has this come as such an overwhelming emotional moment for me?

Don’t get me wrong….this is one of those really amazingly happy moments, but emotional all the same.  As I sat down to open the day’s mail, there it was, (and I “knew” it was coming)….Kadie’s YWAM support letter.  As I read it, I got about half-way through it and suddenly, without warning, began to well up with tears.

Dear Family and Friends;

As some of know I am branching out on a new adventure. I have decided to go to YWAM!!! “youth with a Mission.” This was not the easiest of decisions, as most of you know I’m engaged to Stan Kowalewski and we have not yet chosen a date for our wedding.  After a lot of prayer we decided that we are letting the Lord work in our hearts and surrendering all we have to him before we set a date to get married. So in deciding this we both have stepped out on our faith and are doing what we believe the Lord is leading us to do as individuals first before we can become one.  And for me that means for a short time going to YWAM.  As hard as this may be because I will be away from Stan, I believe the Lord wants to not only strengthen our relationship but show me how amazing He really is.

Youth with a mission has many bases all over the world.  I however am going to a base in Orlando Florida.  I will do what is called a DTS, a “discipleship training” program that will be the first three months.  This is going to teach me how to hear the voice of God and understand and learn about His word and most of all learn how to disciple.  My DTS is also spending as extra two weeks on God’s heart for the broken people of the world, the sick, homeless, drug addicted, lost, desperate, you name it.  After that I will be headed off to South Africa for two months to work with people just like I mentioned, poverty stricken, people that have HIV or AIDS.  This is where I will begin to put into practice what I have learned in my DTS.

I’m so very very excited to see what God has in store for me and can’t wait to see what gifts I will be able to provide for His people. Doing a mission is something I thought I would never do but, I believe God is and has provided a way and a means for me to go.  If you would like to help support me with my training and outreach to South Africa I will be throwing a party Sunday, August 29th which will be called “Mission Makeover” It is a fund raiser where I have a station at my home in Mazon that people can sign up and get their hair cut. The funding for this trip for me will cost a little more than a regular DTS because I will be paying student loans and bills while I’m gone and I roughly have about half of what I need.  If you would like to contribute please join me at my house on August 29th. It will run from noon to eight o’clock.  We will have food and refreshments.  Hope to see you there!!

If you have any questions, Please call me at my home phone xxx-xx-xxxx.

If you’re unable to attend and would like to support my Missions’ trip you can send your donation to: YWAM Orlando P.O. Box 621057 Orlando, FL 32862 and address the letter to Kadie Knoop.

If you want to call the number is 407-273-1667.

Kadie doing her cousins hair for her wedding day.

Stan re-enacting his marriage proposal to Kadie for me! They wanted to show me where it all happened when I visited in April.

A sudden realization occured that my daughter was doing something I never even imagined she would do. She was basically following in my footsteps…. something I never contemplated…never thought about in this particular facet (honestly)…and never expected either…it just suddenly dawned on me. (As a young married couple her father and I worked with YWAM Scotland during the first year of our marriage… prior to many years in full time ministry).

Me in Scotland with our beloved Mini Cooper!

She is embarking on this adventure in a very mature and thoughtful manner. I cannot tell you how extremely proud I felt sitting there reading her letter, so well written and so carefully worded.

I know it was hard for her. She is not comfortable with asking for help, never has been, so the mere idea of asking for support donations is I know gargantuan for her. For this reason, I sat amazed at how well-written, honest, and “simple” this letter came across. I was never able to master this “prayer letter” thing (as we called it in my missionary days as she has). Mine just seemed like small epistles and a plea for help!!!  But keeping things simple has never been my strong suit!

Today I realized that my firstborn child has truly hit a milestone….and that milestone has me so very very thankful, delighted, and proud as a Momma could be!

You go curly girly!  I love you more than all the rocks in the world!!!

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