Wedding here we come….just as soon as we get a few things fixed!

I am currently in Michigan with my Husband and Eight year old, getting ready for my daughters wedding on the 29th.  So far it has been a parody of “fixing” stuff.

The moment we got off the plane we immediately had to head straight to “David’s Bridal” to hog tie the manager in order to get my daughters money back for a SEVERLY BOTCHED alteration job which has rendered her dress completely unusable…..of course they are “corporate” so nothing other than refunding a “portion” of the $1000.00 total cost of the dress was possible …and even that was like pulling teeth from a shark.  That little tiny sales manager was one tough cookie…even my husband was ready to roll over when she said no….HOWEVER, I was NOT ready.  I had been coached by my good friend Marcella, owner of “Marcella’s Bridal” in Spokane WA.  So we walked out with a full refund of the alterations $340.00 with the intention of pursuing the matter further with “precious scapegoat corporate” to get the rest of the refund from them.  Not a chance….as “little tiny sales manager” was probably groomed by ” scapegoat corporate lady” who had apparently already had a convo with “Tiny”. I image the convo going something like this.

Tiny: Do not give them the rest of their money back, Bride has already purchased another dress  (at the second hand store for $100.00)……this proves she has only changed her mind and now wants her money back after we have botched a dress she no longer likes….so what if her boobs fall out of the front and the hem is crooked and the bustle looks like a third grader put it in. Even after two alterations!! So what if her wedding is now a week away. We’ve done worse to brides and we know it!

S-Goat Corporate lady : Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about Tiny….we deal with this everyday at corporate.  I just never get over the fact that a Bride spending $1000.00 dollars on a dress will want a refund on said dress she absolutely cannot wear now! Besides brides want to look sexy now a days don’t they?…so boobs falling out and flopping everywhere, sloppy hems, and a botched bustle is just being knit picky! I will NOT be refunding their MONEY!  And we will keep our corporate pride! Good job Tiny! I have trained you well!

Tiny: Thank you Master.

And so it begins.

Altering the sleeves on Kadie's new wedding dress...if ya want something done right ya just gotta do it yourself I guess!

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