White Pumpkins are all the Rage

That’s right, they are. Because I said so….but mostly because they are on the front of a whole bunch o magazines this fall. I couldn’t help but notice how super cool they looked! Why hadn’t I ever noticed this before? I’m getting me soma dem dar pumpkins! Next year I will grow me some (there’s some fine grammar for ya)…..but that’s next year.   HOWEVER! like everything else that is suddenly hot, there were none to be found. THEN I remembered! OH YEAH…I live exactly 2.5 minutes from some of the largest pumpkin patches around! So I high tailed on over to “Greenbluff” and “Knapp’s Farm”. Where I found plenty o white pumpkins and of course many many other choices and gourds as well.

Put on my muck about boots and got about my white pumpkin business

See? EVERYONE wants white pumpkins this year! LOOK! They are almost depleted already!

I only needed a few so I found what I needed .....Lookie! aren't they purdy? Well...okay so they will be "after" they are washed up.

If your just a lazy butt, and you don't want the amazing experience of picking your own you can simply choose the ones they have in the bins.

So okay I was a bit of a lazy butt and got some of these guys out of the bin. I couldn't resist...and I didn't have time to go back out into the field for those too.

Then I took this tractor out in the field and.....naaaaah not really!

I made friends with some farm chicks.....the real kind.

...and that's one good looking chick if you ask me.

....then this good looking dude started following me and asking for his picture to be taken....really! He just kept getting closer and closer....kinda freaked me out a bit, but turns out he's a friendly cockadoodledooer!

Came home and washed up those pumpkins and gourds real good.

Then I decorated my bare kitchen table with those beauties

...and the dining room table.

.....and one of the coffee tables

I had to take a photo of this barn because I admire it every time I'm on the bluff....I have barn envy.

So I encourage you all to go get yourselves some white pumpkins and put them all over your house and porch or yard or neighbors yard or your neighbors neighbors yard. Yeah just DO IT! It will make you happy!

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