Wispy Birch Wreath

This weeks featured wreath is our amazing “Wispy Birch Wreath”.  It is lush and full and consists of Northwestern Birch that are just beginning to bud for the spring.  It will stay just like this as it dries! Lil buds and all! There is a limited supply of the budded variety so order soon!

Wispy Birch Wreath


Please keep in mind that the wreath you are viewing is  24 inch wreath. We do offer these in a smaller 18 inch size, just be aware that it is a smaller diameter so naturally it will “look” smaller. I do realize that “should” be a given, but you would not believe how many people neglect to look at “size” before they order. I want to be nice to you and let you know that up ahead! Aren’t I sweet?  Yeah! I know.  🙂

We are still running our special on the lavender give away so hurry and place your order so you can receive your free lavender bundles with this order!  http://www.katecourysfarmhouse.com/shop/

Happy shopping and Happy Easter everyone!


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