Wonderful Trip

My trip to Illinois was wonderful, and it was so great to finally be able to get to attend a wedding of one of the family!

My beautiful and VERY LOVED daughter Kadie

I spent a lot of time hanging out with my daughter Kadie and her boyfriend Stan.  I spent most of my time laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

Kadie being the NUT she is!

My daughter has a way of making me laugh at the drop of a hat……she knows exactly what to do to just make me lose it instantly.

Kadie and Sarah getting ready for the bachelorette party

Kadie was the maid of honor for her cousin Sarah’s wedding and so she gave her a bachelorette party.

Kadie being attacked by a black bear wondering around in the house!

Kadie being attacked by a black bear that was wondering around the house….she was soooooo brave!

Me being attacked by the SAME black bear….only this time he put his glasses on in order to see me better……I was also very brave. You can see the sheer horror on my face right?

Other frightened folks in the house

There was ANOTHER bear in the same house…..and other people dealing with a surprise attack! ……However we all survived and decided to have a party.

Our nicest clothes

So we all dressed up in our nicest clothes……..

pretty toes

Painted our toenails…..

pretty fingernails!

and our fingernails……

great food!

Ate lots of GREAT food…..

Dancing like there is no tomorrow

Danced the night away…….

And married off one of the cousins!

Not bad for a quick trip to see the family!  We got lots done!

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