Wreath Making 101

This is typically how most wreaths are made, at least the ones that you see for sale in stores and in catalogs….unless they are “hand tied” which I will show you in a different post sometime very soon.

It all starts with a clamp ring

a simple bouquet

…..and  a clamp machine (you have to order this and build a table around it)…but that is only if you want to make hundreds and thousands….if you only want to do one or two you could legitimately close the clamps by hand….

Lay each bouquet inside the clamp and close the clamp around the bouquet.

Like this….

Keep working all the way around with the bouquets until you reach the end or last clamp.

Sometimes you have to lift up the last few bunches to make it work

Once you have put the last bouquet in, straighten it to fit with the “first” clamp or bouquet. Don’t worry about being a little rough on it…sometimes you have to in order to get them even. You may even have to trim a little or add a little to get it to look right.  Just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look perfect after that last clamp.  It NEVER looks perfect for “me”….and I have been doing this a long time. HOWEVER my production manager Cuong gets it perfect EVERY time.  Keep in mind he has done thousand and thousands of wreaths for us…..and he is my “wreath hero” ….he is fast and furious, and each one looks catalog perfect! I don’t know how he does it but I am so thankful he does!

Finished product in its box and ready to ship

….and yes, I did make this one….but only to show “you” that you can too!  We don’t have to be Cuong to make a beautiful wreath…..we just need a LOT more time and patience in order pull it off.  Of course you “could” just buy one from me too!  If you don’t have time to make your own!  I would really LOVE that.


So that is all you need to know……gather all your products / components, get a clamp machine, or just a clamp ring, have several hours of extra time….(to make mistakes) and do it over and over…..or just buy one from me.  Yeah…that’s right…..knucklehead!

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